by Cassandra

Worst: Kelly Osbourne’s Cosmo Body Cover, A Frankstown Shooting, And Fat Joe Pleads Guilty

Times Square Costume Characters Get Freaky 

(Photo Via: NYP)

Court docs state that, while in Super Mario costume, Damon Torres, grabbed the upper-thigh of an unidentified woman and continued to follow her as she walked through Times Square. In light of the allegations, Tim Tompkins, President of Times Square Alliance, confirmed that there has been a rise in complaints against NYC’s costumed crusaders. Best stick to Disney Land moving forward.  (Via: NYP 

Mila Kunis Gets Anti-Semitic Hate

(Photo Via: Esquire)

And the cyber-asshole of 2012 Awards officially goes to Ukrainian politician, Igor Miroshnichenko . The lawmaker lashed out on Kunis via Facebook recently, calling the actress a “zhydovka” or “dirty Jewess”, a term previously used by Nazis during the Holocaust. Why, you ask? Because Kunis  is not a ‘true’ Ukrainian. (Via: TMZ)

Kelly Osbourne Gets Her J-14 Cover On For Cosmo Body

(Photo Via: Cosmo Body)

Good news: Kelly Osbourne’s body looks damn good on the cover of Cosmopolitan Body, UK’s fitness-focused mag. Sad, Sad News: Cosmo stylists seem high off on bath-salts because they outfitted Osbourne in a checkered orange frill bikini that matched her bizarre skin tone. (Via: HuffPo)

A Mass Shooting Happened Today 

(Photo Via: Getty Images)

While you were counting down to the apocalypse, there was another shooting near Frankstown Township, Pennsylvania which resulted in four deaths and five injuries. The unidentified gunman is said to be among the dead. (Via: CNN)

Fat Joe Pleads Guilty 

(Photo Via: Robot Films)

Looks like Fat Joe’s Terror Squad camp isn’t making enough $$$ to keep the bills paid. The Bronx-bred rapper pleaded guilty to tax evasion this Thursday after failing to pay nearly $3 million in income over the past two years. Wait! Fat Joe had performances in the last two years???? (Via: HuffPo)