by Cassandra

The Top 20 Swagger Street Style Looks Of 2012

We can’t front: 2012′s been a damn good year for style. We’ve managed to snap runway models, break out musicians, pups and more from the Lower East Side to the Upper West, and have all the snaps to prove it. Below we countdown the best looks we spotted this year:

Olly Loukhnovitch

 Daewook Doe

Natalia Kills 

Show Nomura 

Enyinne Owunwanne

Dewi Dahran

Glyn Brown 

Natsya Kusakina 

DeVonn Francis 

Christopher Ramos 

Jeremy McClain



Jennifer Murray 


Isabella Bravo 

Kendell Boyce

Courtney Raniszewski


Brendan Fallis 

Joey Pope 

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