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Kyle Svendsen’s New Fashion Collection Is Inspired By Blood and Crip Gang Wars…

In really ratchet news: L.A. designer Kyle Svendsen has based his new collection off of Los Angeles’s most famous gangbangers, the Bloods and the Crips. In a Huffington Post article, Svendsen remarked that though the iconic blue and red flag waving troublemakers were an inspiration, the new womenswear line was really birthed out of his fascination for “90’s southern Californian hip-hop, and how rappers dressed. I wanted to explore a way to translate this into a bold, elegant and wearable collection for women. Thus the oversized shorts, oversized shirts, draped bandana and tank top dresses.” No blood stains made it onto the clothing, however…just really iconic screenprints of the Virgin Mary, and every gangbanger’s fave: paisley print. See the collection below, think it’s ridiculous or rad?


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