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Best Of Both Worlds: Nehemiah

As a Sam’s Club employee from the suburbs, Nehemiah leads a relatively normal life. His fashion sense, however, is anything but average. Lovers of bright prints, statement pieces and mixing high-end pieces with cheap finds, he and his group of friends called the ‘Jersey Clan’ are not afraid to make a sartorial statement. When we caught up with Nehemiah in Soho, the Roselle, NJ native was sporting, get this, a Givenchy-inspired Walmart t-shirt, an actual Versace shirt around his waist, Levi’s jeans, metallic Nikes, and a cool gold-plated hat that he got for a bargain off of Ebay. Bold style and smart budgeting? Respect.

One thought on “Best Of Both Worlds: Nehemiah

  1. I have the exact same shirt, walmart has about 7 of these type design shirts, and I have all of them….these shirts deff turn heads EVERY time I wear it. smart shopping and style, is always fashion.

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