by Kimani

A$AP Rocky And Our Top Looks From Catalpa NYC 2012!

Snaps to the Catalpa NYC crew for an amazing inaugural festival on Randall’s Island this weekend! From live performances with heavy-hitters like Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, Girl Talk, and Matt+Kim to street style fashion that was, at times, out of this world, we had a blast! Here’s a sampling of the stylish kids from Catalpa NYC’s 2-day banger. Enjoy!

 A$AP Rocky & Swagger’s Kimani Bellamy

Averil Blakely

 Elizabeth de la Piedra

Eric Pham

Madisen Taylor

Maisie Frances



Sam Aldenton

Pheobe Pritchett

Swagger New York’s coverage of Catalpa NYC was created in partnership with the Creative Council by UGG Australia!

2 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky And Our Top Looks From Catalpa NYC 2012!

  1. Hey can you email me my picture? It was fun meeting you guys Saturday, I wish I got on your site…I wanna be cool mannnnn…. but the girl with the bulls jersey broke my neck with her badassness!

  2. The more i see the dude in the hawaiian shirt or the 2 chicks wearing a boring outfit, the more confounded I am getting that you guys didn’t use my photo.

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