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Editor’s Note: In Fashion, Can Fat Be Fly Too?

Is it us or are so-called “Fat Girls” heating up the fashion scene this summer? Everywhere we look – from blogs to billboards and even magazine covers – women are refreshingly thicker and flaunting curves that, until this point, have been chopped or massaged out of the fashion world’s high-profile spreads.

(Photo Via: H&M)

Just look to H&M’s latest swimwear ad for proof that, this summer, fat is damn well fashionable! The ad features a curvy Vicky P. flaunting a two-piece that most other labels would only dare shoot on a size 2. And, in our opinion, the bikini is the better for it (finally some shape on a woman!). Blogs internationally have praised the Swedish label for bringing a new normal to the fore, especially at a time when many plus-size women seek to hide their curves – the summer.

Just a few weeks back, fashion blogger Gabi Gregg pulled an H&M of her own, posting photos of herself in what she calls the “fatkini.” The ex MTV TJ told her readers, ”Don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time…hopefully [in this fatkini] I can inspire some of you to take the plunge.”  And from the comments, its seems that many fans – thick and thin – followed suit.

(Photo Via: LOVE Magazine)

In case you’re wondering where to actually get clothes that are “fat and fly,” look no further than to Gossip singer, Beth Ditto. The very heavy, very stylish diva told that she has a plan “to make the IKEA of clothes” for ”fat girls and boys.” It’ll be ”cheap, affordable, basic,” she said, but given her penchant for style statements, trust that it’ll be very fashion forward too. (No word yet on when exactly we’ll see the collection.)

With all this non- “Skinny Love” on the rise, and both Vogue Italia and U.S. Vogue pushing for new normals when it comes to models, the question looms: Can fat be fashionable too? And are we getting closer to a point where a size 2 is just as sexy as a size 12? Give us your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: In Fashion, Can Fat Be Fly Too?

  1. I think these woman are BEAUTIFUL!! What has happened to our generation in the ideas that “beauty” can only be worn by “skinny”? Look back a few decades and see the woman that graced the big screen, magazine covers, and advertisments…they were amazing, full figured woman. The models now days all look like they havent had a decent meal in years. They look super skinny and UNhealthy. I’m not saying 300lbs isn’t excessive, but come’on…size 12 being refered to as plus size?? Thats just insane!! Kudos to these woman who love themselves and are showing others that its okay to do the same…and to the big wigs who put them on magazine covers…WAY TO GO!!

  2. This is long overdue! the obsession with thinness in our society is totally dysfunctional and unnatural!!
    Lets get ‘big’ back in!

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