by Intern

The Worst Dressed List From The Billboard Music Awards 2012

With summer around the bend, some celebs seem hard up to find a stylist. Case in point: Last night’s Billboard Music Awards 2012. How else could Carrie Underwood’s justify that tulle explosion? Or Nelly Furtado justify rockin’ a creme sheet for her big comeback? We always shake our heads at Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, so no big worst-dressed surprises there! Sigh. While we look into why everyone’s stylist took the weekend off, check out the worst dressed celebs from the Billboard Music Awards below and let us know whose look makes you cringe!

+Carrie Underwood in Oscar De La Renta

+Wiz Khalifa

+Amber Rose

+Lisa Marie Presley

+Robin Thicke

+Justin Bieber

+Nelly Furtado


+Julie Brown