by Kimani

HOW TO: Get OMBRÉ Hair At Home In A Few Easy Steps!

The ombré trend is everywhere – hair, nails, clothes, everything!  But as the dye-job takes the style world by storm, so many women haven’t got the HAIR part right. Our intern, Kimani, has attempted to werk the look several times and it’s always fell a little flat. But after searching the internetz for days (unpaid), she’s sure that she’s found the PROPER way to do it by yourself without going to the salon or having an Ombré-tastrophe all over her locks. Here’s her DIY rundown:

- Use a Permanent hair coloring like Clariol Natural Instincts (for treated hair) and Clairol Nice and Easy (for natural/virgin hair). Determine your hair color, and pick up a pack of dye that’s only 3-4 shades lighter than your natural.

- Part your hair down the middle, and mentally divide your hair into 3 sections (the tips, the mid-head around the ears and the roots). Do not touch the roots at all throughout this process, and begin dying from the tips instead.

-Keep dye on tips for about 20 minutes (or half the time that the directions request), then begin to dye the hair that lay around your ears. Continue to keep dye on tips, do not wash out. This will allow for the tips to be a little lighter than the hair in the middle of your head. Let sit for another 20 minutes.

- Add water to dilute the color and emulsify the ends of your hair. Let sit for one minute.

- Wash your hair, and voila, you’ve got an Ombre-wonder!

 Send in your pictures of your hair, whether you did it our way or using another method! We’d love to see! And watch the great DIY video below for a visual tutorial!

5 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get OMBRÉ Hair At Home In A Few Easy Steps!

  1. This was helpful, thank you, I think that I will use this either tonight or tomorrow, hopefully tonight. (:

  2. You’re supposed to back comb your hair before doing the tips so it blends in with the rest of your hair color. That’s exactly what an ombré is.

  3. thank you so so much for this diy! i did it and it worked really well im so happy :D im actually doing a pale pink over the ombre part too in a bit so well see how it goes haha (:

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