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FTW or WTF: Supreme’s Campbell Soup Kicks & 3 More Wacky Shoes

We get it: Our generation’s obsessed with individuality, so naturally designers would wildly compete with other brands to feed into our wacky pleasures. And we love it…sometimes. But lately, we’ve been noticing some odd kicks hitting the interwebz, kicks that have caused us to scream ‘WTF” and not “FTW!” Peep the 4 we’ve spotted, and let us know: Would you rock this crazy footwear?

Supreme x Vans Campbells Soup Kicks

Chicken noodle soup with a canvas on the side? Apparently that’s what Supreme and Vans we’re thinking when they teamed up to create their latest S/S 2012 sneaker. Would you rock it?


+Jil Sander Snake Skin Oxfords

 You’d think the combination of snake skin and, well, anything would be hot. But when Jil Sander released her snakeskin oxfords, something fell flat. Like, terribly flat.

+Chanel Sport Sneaker

We totally cosign designers adding some sole to their collections. But when couture genius Karl Lagerfeld tried his hand at “sporty,” his sneaker came off as a little silly. Legendary or LOL?

+Visvim 2012 FBT Kudu JP

We kinda wish JP meant just playin’, but vivism are so serious with their latest tasseled sneaker/loafer hybrid. We just don’t get it. 





3 thoughts on “FTW or WTF: Supreme’s Campbell Soup Kicks & 3 More Wacky Shoes

  1. Oh, wow. I love fashion, and most of all I love everything that’s swag. with that being said I respect and appreciate the unique factor, that touch of individuality on an item. But I got to say this is not what I have in mind. I respect Karl, hz realy a legend bt I can’t help but just lol @ the sight of those sneakers (something is just not connecting for me). On the other hand I think the Vans tho pretty silly, I could still play around with them. Its that crazy- fun- I dnt care typa look. Lol, I would so take on the challenge.

  2. AWESOME…THESE SHOES ARE SIMPLY THE TRUTH! My mom would love these for her birthday…need to know asap where to get a pair her bday is n a monthand a half…hope n to hear a response…thumbs up!

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