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The Next Top Model – Ashanti Robinson

When we first spotted Ashanti in Soho, we couldn’t help but think that the 20-year old looked vaguely familiar…to top models Jourdan and Chanel. But it only took chatting with the self-proclaimed goofball to recognize that Ashanti’s no Ms. Dunn, she’s on a runway all her own. In platform booties from LF and a slashed sweater, her off-duty model look is practical and chic for the summer heat. And that model stare! We’d be this next top model’s agent any day.

7 thoughts on “The Next Top Model – Ashanti Robinson

  1. This young lady is the real deal.! I work with her in a different capacity and you can tell rite away she’s got it! Look new york!

  2. This young lady is the consomate professional! For her age ,which I won’t mention,lol, she is years ahead of her time! With ” Rip the Runway” under her belt,& a few other gallas,this lady is on her way to “stardom”! Bet on It”!

  3. Talent Agents,make note: Ashanti is here,on the set! Marketability that crosses all color lines. Attitude&personality that reaches out & grabs ya! Don’t sleep on this young lady,or she’ll pass you by! She has already “Ripped the Runway”,better open new doors for her,or she’ll come on like gangbusters and knock down walls,ya heard? So whatcha gonna do when Ashanti comes to a town near you?! Big Norm,baby!

  4. When Ashanti was 14, she was discovered by P.Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. Initially, she went to Bad Boy Records and sang one of Mary J. Blige’s songs in front of P.Diddy and Biggie Smalls. After being impressed by her singing ability, Diddy had her sign to a development deal. In the end, due to a bad contract, Ashanti did not sign with Diddy. This ultimately led to a record deal with Jive Records in 1994.^

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