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NYC’s Golden Girl – Stephanie LaCava

Among the New York fashion scene, Stephanie LaCava’s got a name worth more than her wrist of gold. When the SoHo fashion writer and stylist bumped into us on Crosby street – in Thakoon bloomers and Prada platforms – we couldn’t help but snap a quick photo. The girl’s recognized across the fashion world for her sartorial know-how as well as her quirky attitude, refreshingly off-kilter especially among the NYC style set. Though LaCava’s got bylines in many of the world’s top publications – Vogue, T Magazine, NYMag just to name a few – the diamond in the rough is her latest work, a Tumblr mixing fun fashion shots with old-world objects. In a lazy Sunday afternoon look this perfect, LaCava’s a shoe-in with our crew…a Prada shoe-in, natch.

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