Operation Drizzy: I Crashed Drake’s Birthday Party Last Night
October 24, 2014


Anyone who knows me knows that my love for Drake aka Drizzy aka The Real Life Papi Pacify knows no bounds. From Degrassi to Nothing Was The Same, I’ve loyally followed his career, so naturally, I was offended when my invitation to his 28th birthday party was lost in the mail. Instead of being salty about the mix-up, I decided to fix the problem at hand by showing up anyways. Ballsy? Yes. YOLO, BITCH? Absolutely. 

When I showed up to the location, Dave & Buster’s in Midtown OBVIOUSLY, the place was  packed as shit. There was a VIP area in the back, which hosted a hookah and all of the OVO homies. THEN IT HAPPENED: I SPOTTED A WILD DRIZZY, and it couldn’t have been more picturesque. Homeboy was all sorts of fucked up, throwing two-dollar bills around like a *bawse* while screaming, “THEY’RE REAL. THEY’RE REAL”. No shade, but why would you be throwing fake bills around, B?

There was an open bar with more Henny than you can imagine and about 200 people (mostly strippers?) all celebrating the birth of Toronto’s finest. Attendees included Future, not Nicki Minaj, J.Cole, not BadGalRiRi, Rita Ora (cool shoes), not Tyga~Me~, and not Weezy. #Nonewfriends or whatever. I also may have spotted his mom? Unconfirmed.

At one point he got on top of the Spin-N-Win and started dancing, which single-handedly gave me ALL the life. Some Houston DJ was spinning the whole night, (I’m basic for forgetting his name), but for the last hour Drake took control, playing all his favorite tracks. He was kinda one-eyeing it at that point, but hey ::2 Chainz voice:: IT’S YO BIRTHDAY.

Hopefully  if when he’s back in the city for his birthday next year, he’ll recognize how much #FUN and #RAGE I brought to the table, thus ensuring my actual invite to the affair. I know he’s all set on the Views From the 6 title for his next album, but just throwing it our there, Views from the Spin-N-Win also has a nice ring to it.


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