How Bad Did You Butcher Your Favorite Songs? Here Are The Most Misheard Lyrics of 2014
December 18, 2014


Safe to say there was no shortage of solid music in 2014. From *da club* anthems like Lil Jon’s, “Turn Down For What” to ballads such as Sia’s, “Chandelier,” the top 40 was consistently littered with fan-favorites. While we were all bumping to said hits in the car, on the train, or in our room at 4am, we proceeded to sing our little hearts out to the lyrics that we knew and oh-so loved. The only problem? Most of us were wrong as hell, replacing things like J.Lo’s “I love ya, papi” with “I love ya, puppy,” which, to be honest, might have been a conscious decision.

Becoming something of an annual tradition, YouTube user Pleated-Jeans put together a video montage of all the lyrics we fucked up this year, making us realize just how twisted some people got to their fave tracks. Just for the record, if you thought Nico & Vinz were saying “That shit’s how I feeeeeeeel” the entire time, SAME.

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