Nicki Minaj’s Two Word Tweet Sent The Barbz Into Meltdown Mode
October 30, 2014


Nicki Minaj has been busy creating quite the buzz this week. On Tuesday, the rapper sent sad vibes across the Barbzverse when she announced The Pink Print would be delayed until December, she followed up the news with the slay track, “Only”.  Today, Minajesty fervor got real after she sent a ~c R y P t i C~ tweet hinting that something will happen tomorrow.  Maybe

Could tomorrow bring the release of the “Only” video? Is it the unveiling of new album art? Another teaser promoting her EMA hosting gig? Perfume? A new line in K-Mart? IS NICKI PULLING A BEYONCE AND SURPRISE RELEASING HER ALBUM?

Needless to say, as with every very loyal (slightly scary) fan base, the comments from her fans are priceless:

nicki minaj reactions 4

nicki minaj reactions 6

Nicki Minaj reaction 3 Nicki reaction 2 nicki reaction2 Nicki Minaj reaction


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