“YASS BISH” Video Starring Zhang Junhao Is All That Matters In Life
July 30, 2014


Fact: There are few things in life that give me greater joy than using the phrase, “Yasss Bitch Yasss”. Now, I will never be able to use it again without thinking of the video below, but note: I am 100% okay with that. Starring three-year-old Zhang Junhao, the Instagram video remixes his audition footage from the Chinese version of “America’s Got Talent”, changing the background music to Nicki Minaj’s “YASS BITCH”.

If there were an Oscars category for this kind of shit, I would absolutely nominate Instagram user, @FuckJerry, for doing his part in sharing this with the world. If you don’t follow him, get your life and check out the rest of his posts here.

Keep calm and “YASSS BITCH YASSS” on.

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